Being Happier at Work Could Lead to a Promotion

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Happy employees are team players, which naturally leads to advancements within the company. While there's more to getting a promotion than just embracing a positive attitude, a brighter outlook works wonders in boosting your overall professional performance. Here are some strategies to help you improve your work environment and leverage your newfound enthusiasm to gain new career opportunities.

Communicate with Your Team

Better communication skills lead to a better work environment. If there's something that's dampening your mood, take steps to make changes. Let your boss or co-workers know what's causing unhappiness, and then work with them to brainstorm a solution. While confronting a work-related issue can be uncomfortable, remember that you spend a significant portion of your day working, so thinking long-term is important.

In addition to helping you resolve the issues causing you distress, communicating more is an effective way to get promoted at work. Sometimes, getting a promotion is as easy as asking for one. If you feel like you deserve more responsibilities and the pay increase that comes with it, tell your boss. Explain exactly what you bring to the table, and how you would benefit the company's bottom line. Even if there aren't any promotional openings available at the time, making your desires known plants a seed that may lead to future opportunities.

Show Interest In the Company

If you're just doing the bare minimum to earn your paycheck, you shouldn't expect a promotion. The employees who show genuine interest in the company's culture, extracurricular activities, and people are the ones who get promoted. Even if you feel like you have nothing in common with your co-workers, reach out to them. You may be surprised to find that the workday is much more enjoyable when you have some friends or even casual acquaintances to interact with.

One of the best ways to work on getting a promotion is to form a genuine connection with your manager. At the same time, most experienced team leaders can tell when someone is trying to get on their good side because they want something in return. Just some casual chit-chat and the occasional wave and a smile is all it takes to make your presence known, which can turn into a stronger connection over time. Additionally, showing up to work-related extracurricular events can really help with getting a promotion, as it shows that you respect, appreciate, and enjoy the company's team enough to interact with them even when you're not getting paid.

Take Care of Your Personal Health

If you're not thriving physically and mentally, it's hard to reach your full professional potential. Getting a promotion requires that you take on additional responsibilities, and a manager isn't going to promote an employee who's constantly tired or sick. Eat better, exercise more, and follow a consistent sleep schedule, and you're naturally going to feel better and work harder. Managers seek out workers who are enjoyable to be around, so a chipper, positive attitude improves your chances.

Start by focusing on improving your work environment and personal attitude. From there, getting a promotion comes naturally. It may take some time, but if you're consistently working on becoming a happier person in both your personal and professional lives, you should eventually see the fruits of your labor.

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  • Igor Kholkin
    Igor Kholkin

    Just being happy won't get you promoted. You've got to love what you do. That leads to happiness as well as success. Success leads to promotions.

  • Therrie O.
    Therrie O.

    The way to create happy employees is to treat them like the asset they are! Involve them in decisions that affect them.

  • Audrey M.
    Audrey M.

    Thank you guys. Y’all are awesome.

  • William G.
    William G.

    You think???! Novel concept!! Let's catch on to this, employers!!!

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