Ten Signs Accepting Their Offer is the Wrong Move

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Whether you're currently unemployed or seeking a career change, the job search process can be exhausting. When you finally receive a job offer, your first instinct may be to accept it, but avoid making a hasty decision. Take some time to review the offer, and watch out for these 10 signs that accepting the job offer might be the wrong move.

1. Drawn Out Recruiting Process

Between scheduling appointments, conducting interviews, checking references and making a job offer to eligible candidates, the recruitment process can take some time, but if it takes weeks or months for the company to complete each step, be wary.

2. Unprofessional Interview Process

If the hiring manager keeps you waiting or calls you to reschedule the interview several times, it's clear that the organization does not value the candidate's time. Consider this before accepting that job offer.

3. Negative Atmosphere

You can get a good sense of the work environment just by studying the employees you meet during the interview. Watch out for negative attitudes or signs of contention.

4. High Turnover Rate

Ask about the person who previously occupied the position for which you're applying. If they received a promotion, it's a good sign. If they quit, it's a red flag.

5. Unanswered Questions

The interview is your chance to shine, but it's also an opportunity to ask questions. If the hiring manager dodges your questions about salary or benefits, be cautious if you receive a job offer.

6. Rushing Your Decision

If an organization extends you a job offer with a time limit attached, don't feel pressured to accept it. Also, if a potential employer wants you to immediately accept a job offer and threatens to move on to another candidate if you don't, be wary.

7. Not Willing to Negotiate

A hiring manager who values your worth should be willing to discuss a salary range, perks or benefit packages. If the organization refuses to budge when discussing these topics, reconsider your decision to accept the job offer.

8. The Position Doesn't Fit With Your Goals

Think about how the position fits into your career plan. If the job offer you're considering doesn't help put you closer to those goals, reconsider accepting.

9. Current Employees Are Quitting

If the company is experiencing a massive turnover of employees, there's probably a good reason. Consider this a red flag, and dig for more information before accepting the offer.

10. You're Not Excited About the Position

If you're accepting the job just to obtain employment but are not passionate about the position, hold out for something that really excites you.

You may be desperate to get out of your current employment situation, but sometimes, a new position can be worse than your current job. Before accepting a job offer or quitting your current job, consider these 10 signs.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Maria S thanks for your comment. Isn't it always this way? You apply for a position thinking that it's one thing only to find out that they want you to do the job of 5 people for the salary of one person! Hopefully the other interviews will be better than this one. If they lied in the job posting, what else will they lie about? All the best in the other interviews!

  • Maria J. S.
    Maria J. S.

    Very helpful since I am in the middle of interviews, the latest job interview was an eye opener, I was informed by their recruiter that I responsible to perform assessments but when I went to the interview, the hiring manager added a laundry list of other responsibilities, plus they do not pay for being bi-lingual and the job specifically calls for a bilingual nurse!

  • Jeanette W.
    Jeanette W.

    Very good tips! It makes me feel a little better about a job offer I had yesterday that I turned down. They lowballed the wages offered due to them being a corporate office. For the years of experience I have. Your tips just reassured me of my better judgment and not taking the job.

  • Ceci  Ayala-Bland
    Ceci Ayala-Bland

    Thanks for the tip

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Barbara R thanks for your comment. That's awesome. So as soon as your background check is completed, looks like you landed a new position! Congratulations!

  • Barbara R.
    Barbara R.

    Accepted job offer by recruiter, already interviewed two weeks ago, sent thank you note, they responded with a phone message to call one of the women I interviewed with. A few moments later recruiter called ask if I was still interested in becoming Peer Support specialist for RCIL , Utica NY? I said I was still interested in the job he stated they need to do background check on me after I signed paper work being faxed today 12/19.

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