How AI Is Helping Job Seekers

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You’ve watched the lifelike bots of Westworld, you’ve seen Sophia learn and mirror human emotions, you rely on Alexa to play all of your music: So. in a world of robots, there must be something to help job seekers find work. And there is. Artificial Intelligence has entered the job searching and hiring market and can vastly improve a candidate’s possible success if they know how to utilize it.


Artificial intelligence is already sorting potential candidates for employers, so why not sort employers for candidates?  Companies use technology to weed out anyone who doesn’t fit, which means that before a human being lays eyes on your resume, it’s already been looked at by a machine. Make sure your resume is compatible with ATS (applicant tracking systems) so that you won’t go to the bottom of the pile because of something silly like a formatting issue. Now, job seekers can do the same for companies. There are different job seeking apps and websites that allow people to find the right job fit by not only looking at their specific qualifications, but also what they are looking for overall in a workplace. This leads to higher success rates in finding a job you are actually prepared to do and in an environment you actually enjoy.


Speaking of apps, now there are apps to help match you with a job, similar to dating apps like Bumble or Tinder. After creating a profile, candidates are paired with jobs that fit their individual skillset or that they would actually have a possibility of getting based on previous experience. This simplifies the job searching process and keeps seekers from wondering if they are actually qualified enough or if certain skills are of value or worth mentioning.


Beyond this, you’re probably already using AI in your job searching endeavors and don’t even realize it. Are you googling jobs?  That’s AI. Do you have a LinkedIn? That’s AI. You should know how to use these platforms to your advantage and encourage the robots to help you out. When searching on Google, you can be very specific and this can narrow down your job search immensely. On LinkedIn, keep your profile set to actively looking and employers can reach out to you. Make profiles on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed, where all you have to do is fill out a form, select a job category, and location and receive updates on job openings via email, as well as have employers be able to find your experience through those sites.


AI can seem intimidating and like we’ve really entered the future of job seeking, which we have. Modernizing your job searching experience can open up doors you never thought possible, and although it may seem like a lot to wade through, it’s making finding jobs easier than ever before. Long gone are the days of searching through the newspaper for job advertisements, hello are the days of Wall-E getting you hired. Now, “Alexa, play Working for the Weekend.”



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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Vicki k. thanks for your comment. You can check out what employees think of a company before you submit your resume. There are several sites that allow this. Glassdoor is one. LinkedIn is another. So you can check these out and see how current and former employees rate their company including both positive and negative comments. Sorry but it would appear that AI is here to stay.

  • Vicki k.
    Vicki k.

    I have to agree that if potential employers are using AI to do a first screen on applicant resumes, then it is about time that job seekers can screen possible companies. Turn about is fair play! If you havent been in the job seeking game for a while, you will see things have changed. It is rare to talk to an actual person for many weeks regarding your application . The competition is brutal and every possible situation factors in as too where your app may end up. It is naive to think there is any semblance of an equal playing field. It is not enough to have all the skills and experience the job requires. Age, gender, social media life, credit score,, parking tickets, chil

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