How to Work Smarter When You're Used to Working Harder

Joe Weinlick
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Too many business owners and managers believe that working hard is the only way to get things done right, but this is not the case. You can learn how to work smarter by taking advantage of the resources you have, executing proper time management and changing the habits that slow you down.

Schedule Tasks by Priority

Taking on too many tasks per day is an easy way to achieve burnout quickly. It is important to prioritize your daily schedule to ensure that matters requiring your attention the most are handled first. You can work smarter successfully by prioritizing your day, even if you do not finish every task on your list. Don’t be afraid to assign tasks to another date, or you may end up accomplishing very little. Maintaining a certain level of openness and flexibility in your schedule is crucial to making the most of the daily opportunities that lead to highly favorable outcomes.

Work More Efficiently

Set aside a specific time of day when you can return phone calls, answer letters and send emails. Reply to any inquiries within a 24-hour period so they do not become a burden on another day of the week. As a bonus, your business contacts will appreciate your timely efforts. Keep a pen and paper handy for writing down any thoughts or solutions that may come to mind throughout the day. Take a training class to develop your business and management skills and to acquire more ways to work smarter each day.

Know Your Peak Periods

Too many people plan to handle multiple tasks that require great energy and concentration throughout the day without seriously considering their own faculties first. To work smarter, you must know your own peak performance periods during the day. By arranging your most difficult tasks around your peak performance times, you will conserve your energy and attention for the times you need it the most.

Hire Someone to Help

If you are unable to brainstorm creatively or execute special tasks well yourself, you must strategically elect other skilled individuals to think and act on your behalf. Using skilled workers to relieve some of the daily tasks from your shoulders is an excellent way to work smarter with less stress. Slicing your daily work load in half by delegating tasks to your capable subordinates also ensures the job gets done properly.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

In a modern age, utilizing the proper technology is an excellent way to work smarter, not harder.

Implement business software that automatically handles menial tasks and calculations in your business, and you can gain more free time for yourself and other matters. Contact a technology consultant to find out which software is needed to speed up the efficiency of your company.

By committing to accomplishing dally tasks using more efficient methods, you can work smarter with ease and obtain better results. Embrace the changes necessary today to transform your workplace into a more productive atmosphere that is less stressful for you as well.


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