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Julie Shenkman
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Over the past decade, the Internet has become the single most powerful tool in recruitment advertising. Because of the growth and popularity of online recruitment, thousands of job boards are now emerging, giving employers more options than ever before to target and hire quality candidates. Posting jobs online has become an integral part of most employer recruitment programs. However, few companies take the time to maximize their return on investment by constructing powerful and effective job advertisements. Effective job ads not only brand and differentiate their company and draw a qualified pool of active candidates, but can also persuade passive candidates – skilled workers who are already employed, but open to a great opportunity – to click the “Apply” button as well. Creating a Successful Recruitment Campaign With so many recruitment options available online, the first step in creating a successful recruitment advertising campaign is to determine which job boards would be the best fit for the organization. Employers looking to go beyond traditional job boards should consider niche career communities, which are a valuable, yet sometimes overlooked resources to connect with job seekers through relevant searches and networking tools. Once the appropriate job boards or integrated marketing tactics have been determined, employers should then concentrate on developing a well-written job ad that maximizes their investment and is sure to promote the company and attract quality candidates. The competition for quality job candidates has led many job seekers to have high expectations when searching for potential employers, so it is increasingly important for employers to “raise the bar” and develop an effective and appealing recruitment campaign. Here are some best practices employers can use to compose an effective job posting:
  • Allow sufficient time to create the job ad. Too often companies allot substantial resources to the selection of resources and candidate evaluation, but when it comes to writing an effective job posting, many members of HR are given little guidance and spend even less time to create the ad. Companies must understand that an effective job advertisement attracts more qualified candidates, saves time and increases overall return on investment.
  • Communicate a mutually beneficial message. Tell jobseekers about the opportunity, not just the position available. Cite unique selling points of the position — not just the salary and benefits — that may differentiate the position and make the opportunity an attractive one.
  • Use well-known and familiar job titles. Include job titles that candidates will recognize so they can easily locate the position when performing a job search. Jobseekers can be confused or misled by job titles that are not clear or vague, so it is best to be very specific so they don’t skip over the job posting. This simple trick can help increase the quality of candidates.
  • Use strategic formatting. Use HTML and bullet points to make important parts of the job ad stand out. If the job ad is easy to skim and requirements are clearly stated, employers will receive more relevant candidates and avoid résumé overload while gathering a top-notch pool of candidates.
  • Use key words and phrases. Incorporate key words and phrases into the job ad to increase the chances job seekers will find the listing among similar job ads. Identify keywords that all potential candidates would use to search for the particular position, not just words used to describe it internally.
  • Provide candidates with an overview of the company. Many candidates are as interested in learning about a company’s culture as they are about the available job, so employers should include this information within the job ad to help make the overall opportunity more attractive.
  • Avoid exaggerated verbiage. While the use of marketing-oriented language in a job ad is appropriate, don’t go overboard. The best and brightest candidates can easily detect exaggerated language in job postings. Excessive use of buzzwords or overrepresentation of the opportunity may discourage them from applying.
  • Review prior to posting. When writing a job posting, recruiters are representing their company. Therefore, it is important to use a clear and professional writing style and review the job posting to ensure it does not include any misspelled words or misleading language. Consider using a buddy system to proofread the posting to ensure it is error free and communicates all critical points of the job.
To maximize online recruitment efforts, employers should keep these tips in mind when their next recruitment opportunity comes up.

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