Questions to Ask When Writing Your Resume

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Writing a resume can feel like one of the most challenging aspects of a job search. There’s no doubt that writing this document requires a lot of introspection. But oftentimes, the challenge comes with a lack of true insight into your own career.


We spend a lot of time working on our jobs, but rarely give thought to the specific contributions we make to our employers in our roles. A good way to identify those contributions while providing insight into what information should be included in your resume is to ask yourself specific questions about your career.


1. What Are My Marketable Skill Sets?


As you create your resume, you want to think about the skills you bring to the table that would deem you to be a desirable candidate to a future employer. Take time to examine the skills you acquired with your previous employers. What were your primary contributions and how do these contributions help you to qualify for the role you want now?


2. How Would I Describe Myself in My Career?


As you examine your career as a whole, how would you describe yourself? Are you a natural leader? Do you love to initiate projects and see them developed and implemented? Are you the type of person who asks your manager how you can make contributions to enhance the company you work for? Take a look at the type of worker you are to help you remember top moments in your professional history when you truly made a difference. Also, try to recall instances when you were rewarded for your hard work so that you can add these details to your resume.


3. What Makes Me Stand Out From the Pack?


While you likely have a great deal of experience and highly attractive marketable skills, you are one of several qualified candidates competing for the same positions. What qualities do you bring to the table that make you stand out from the pack? Are you highly skilled in a software program that most people in your position are not? Think about what truly makes you a top choice for the position you want, and then add this information to your resume.


Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you will have greater insight into what makes you the right person for the job you are interested in acquiring. Then you can use this insight to create an attractive resume that sells you as the perfect candidate for the job.



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  • Steven D. H
    Steven D. H
    Been trying to find a job obviously.Should I keep the Dates of my past Job experiences in order,no matter my qualifications.And how far back should I go if most of my experience for a certain job is for more than 5 yrs experience and 15-18 yrs back.And what about a Criminal Record,(a felony,4 yrs probation,no Prison time)if it's from a long,long time ago.
  • Victor B
    Victor B
    Great exposition to somebody like me. All the same, every experiences I have acquired so far are not from the profession I studied, so every time I applied for job with my profession, it's always a challenge. I tried putting up with. a profession similar to my experience online, but it's not offered in my country of residence.What then do I do?
  • Leilani D
    Leilani D
    Great ideas...but could you please help me?I have a nice resume but it's already been 1 year not getting job. I think the problem is when they see on my application that I got terminated due to I worked 20minutes off the clock, they already turned my application down. Any suggestion??? how can I say or write on my application in positive way that I ussually says the reason for leaving on my last jod.. "They let me go for working 20minutes off the clock,because after I clocked out I noticed the money on the table in the office for safety reason I counted fast and put money in the safe. Thank you...
  • Wanda H
    Wanda H
    This artilcle gave me a good idea on how to improve my resume and an answer of the question why am I not being called more for interviews?
  • Kim M
    Kim M
    I found this article to be very helpful as a reminder to evaluate and access my skills and accomplishments...Thanks.
    Sounds wonderful.But where and how can my resume be done professionally.
  • saad m
    saad m
    Gave me ideas
  • LaSonya S
    LaSonya S
    Being a graduate in the field of Accounting whose market  is highly competitive.  This is very helpful.  Hopefully, I will land a job by implementing these suggested changes to my resume.
  • Wayne M
    Wayne M
    Having been an employer for years and now looking for a job I recall taking a conservative way out by trying to identify present employees who could fill the job. The idea is that I would know that person's skills and they would be easier to replace with an entry level person than the present job. Many times employers know who they are going to hire already and search only to cover themselves. To get around this, prospective employees must demonstrate that they are not strangers to the job and have been accomplishing the results the employer wants, but at another organization. Focus on key elements of the Job Description that could distinguish you. Elaborate on these issues if you are fortunate to get an interview. Too bad many employers are so limited in their ability to find the best candidates. I finally realized that I needed to focus on two things; i. e. how closely does the education/skill training level approach the requirements of this job and how effective have they performed presently in their similar job. When I eliminated politics and personal relationships I discovered the best possible employee and went for them.  The greatest problem in the workplace is not with the employee but with the employer. Most need training.
  • Milind L
    Milind L
    This was helpful.  Great ideas to point out on resume.Thanks
  • vijay s m
    vijay s m
  • Corliss A
    Corliss A
    Great ideas helped a lot, information very useful. Thanks!
  • Michele B
    Michele B
    I can get a great resume together by reading this info.
  • Marie S
    Marie S
    I had my resume professionally done back in February of this year. The recruiter who did my resume emailed and called me,Things that managers look for is years of experience, achievements, awards, volunteering .how did you make contributions to help in patient safety and education> As result of my resume being done over from the previous I get more emails and job offers.
  •  janice f
    janice f
    i feel so discouraged right now i want to cry help!!!!! i need a  job i'm about ready to hit the streets
  • Ly N
    Ly N
    Another funny things at interviews are technical questions.  My major is Computer Programming and Analysis at very famous trustworthy school.  I earned a degree but then interviewer asked me a technical question that i have been learned longtime ago.  Hello! students had been tested too many before earning a degree.  Why test again.  Totally insulting and not trust my school.  At my field even though Senior programmers still have to look at the book or documents while working.If employers still have to test what school already test because not trust then that school should be closed
  •  Jia Y
    Jia Y
    Thanks. The information is very help for.
  • Patricia K
    Patricia K
    The suggestions are great for those individuals who stands out, but if you are a solid dependable worker and  work hard to get the job done but are not the "outstanding" employee--what suggestions do you have for this group?
  • Grant H
    Grant H
    Great suggestions although I have used many of them Thanks
  • Irma R
    Irma R
    These ideas seem helpful but I was told that you need to create multiple resumes depending on the job you are looking for. How can you make yourself look great on paper when sending a resume for different positions without making it sound repetitive? How do you make your interview look as good as your resume?
  •  Paul H
    Paul H
    Marketable skills should be framed in terms of specific accomplishments.  "leader' should be defined by specific accomplishments that are easily transferable from one company to another.
  • Bjorn S
    Bjorn S
    Very good ideas, I feel this is need to know information, take advantage!
  • William M
    William M
    Gave me ideas.
  • Jason W
    Jason W
    On each of the three points mentioned, such points can also be made in the cover letter and during a one-on-one interview. How does one know when to use points number 1, 2 and 3 during the entire hiring process, from resume to interview follow up without sounding like a broken record?
  • Francine M
    Francine M
    Great tips...thanks.

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