5 Signs That It's Time For a New Job

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Walking into work every day in an environment that causes you stress or panic can be physically and mentally debilitating. Job satisfaction is a key element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Know the signs that it may be time for a new job to remain physically and mentally sharp and healthy.

1. Boredom

It is likely that every position sparks moments that are less than thrilling, but if you find yourself in a state of mind-numbing boredom, it may be time to launch your job search, recommends Ryan Niessen with Careerealism. Evaluate ways to find job satisfaction by reorganizing or revamping your job duties. Unsuccessful attempts to make an impact or change within your position may indicate that it is time to throw in the towel.

2. Increasing Frustration Levels

The perfect job may be just an illusion for some, but if you find yourself feeling restless and uncomfortable on a daily basis, your current position may not be the right one for you. Determine if your frustration level is boiling over into your personal life. Frustration levels that impact your personal and professional life may indicate that job satisfaction is not in your future within your current position.

3. Intense Contentment

Avoid feeling as if you are in a rut. If you find yourself feeling so content in your position and doing what you should do versus what you really want to do, it may be time to relaunch the job search. Identify why you are working for this company. Employees who continue trudging along every day because they feel as if they need to impress friends or parents are less likely to acquire job satisfaction. Chase your dreams to identify what you want to do versus what you feel like you should do.

4. Stress-Inducing Relationships

The unfortunate truth is that you will encounter unpleasant or rude co-workers or supervisors at some time in your career. Co-workers can significantly enhance or drag down your overall job satisfaction. People you work with can significantly impact your overall happiness. If you find that you are feeling uncomfortable around your co-workers and you see no way to distance yourself from the negativity, it may be time to start looking for another job. A company's culture impacts performance; therefore, an environment that does not encourage teamwork or cordial interactions can significantly bring you down.

5. Withering Dreams

The perfect job may not always be feasible, but if you find yourself constantly wondering what life would be like in another position or at another company, it may be time to start chasing your dreams. Seek out incentives within your current position to enhance your overall happiness, but if all hope is lost, it is time to move on.

The perfect position may not present itself right away, but professionals who prioritize job satisfaction open doors to new opportunities. Evaluate your overall happiness and its impact on your personal and professional life to determine if it is time to make a change.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Suzanne thanks for your comment. Probably the best advice that we could offer is that you need to request a meeting with your supervisor and get this resolved. If the position is too fast paced for you, let your supervisor know and ask if there is another position that you can be placed in. Or, if not, ask for assistance in getting up to speed. But don't wait to take this step or you may find yourself on the unemployment line. All the best.

  • Suzanne Anderson
    Suzanne Anderson

    I changed job positions where I work and they came and told me before I left on Sunday that this job was too fast paste for me, told me that I might have to be job fitted for something else

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Dawn thanks for your comment. So very true. If all you feel all of the time is stress, it's time to move on. Life is too short to continue living with a job that causes you nothing but stress. Sure it's scary to think about changing jobs or even careers but only you can be the change maker in your life. Do it now before you have time to stress over it. You will be glad you did.

  • Dawn Kalber
    Dawn Kalber

    Agreed. The best feeling in the world is to work hard and have a satisfying day. If you are only feeling stress, you need a change. Doesn't mean you are a bad person or the job is bad it just means that it is not for you. For your health, (Emotional health, physical health, and mental health) look for something that is a better fix. Both you and the employer will be MUCH happier. Caution: Change and growth are uncomfortable and scary! Be brave! No pain no gain! That's why they call them growing pains!!!!

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